Roy L. Johnston

Position: Deputy Head of School & Professor of Computational Chemistry

Office: Haworth 204n

School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT.

+44 (0)121 414 7477

+44 (0)121 414 4403

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Research Area: Theoretical Chemistry

Research Summary

1. Biologically-Inspired Computational Chemistry

2. Theory and Simulation of Clusters and Nanoparticles

3. Model Studies of Protein Folding

4. Empirical Potential Energy Functions for Modelling Materials

5. Theoretical Structural Chemistry

Research Presentations


Contributor to RSC Book: The Age of the Molecule

Author of Book: Atomic and Molecular Clusters

Author of Dalton Perspective: Evolving better nanoparticles: Genetic algorithms for optimising cluster geometries

Editor of Volume: Applications of Evolutionary Computation in Chemistry (Structure & Bonding, Volume 110).

Co-editor of Volume: Nanoalloys: From Theory to Application (Faraday Discussions, Volume 138).

Co-author of Review: Nanoalloys: From Theory to Applications of Alloy Clusters and Nanoparticles
(Chem. Rev. 2008, 108, 845-910.)

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Theoretical Chemistry Group

Doctoral Training Centre in Hydrogen, Fuel cells and their Applications

Doctoral Training Centre for Physical Sciences of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences (PSIBS)

Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory

Natural Computation Group

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Johnston and Knowles groups (1997)

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Giles Turner (2002)
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